Daughters of Penelope

Harmonia Chapter 366

Christmas Pot Luck Dinner - December 2014

Founding Members:

Eleni Heeschen, Pam Stratos, Evangeline Pappas,

Maria Matthews, Cleo Velle, Peggy Mundy

Maria Matthews, Pam Stratos, Evangeline Pappas, Eleni Heeschen, Cleo Velle,

Peggy Mundy, Alice Stratos, Gigi Roberts, Victoria Poulakis, Betty Berkeley,

Mary Ann Bournos, Tina Hancock, Kathie Caramanis

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Upcoming events:

December 17 9:30 am
Divine Liturgy
December 17 10:30 am
Orthros and Royal Hours
December 22 9:30 am
December 24 9:30 am
Divine Liturgy
December 24 10:30 am