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O Come, let us Worship and bow down before our King and God.

O Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ, our King and God.
O Come, let us worship and bow down to Christ Himself, our King and God.

This invitation marks the beginning of each day for the Orthodox Church. It comes from the office of Vespers, and it expresses the attitude which is at the heart of Orthodoxy. The Worship of God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, - is fundamental to the life and spirit of the Orthodox Church.

Please join us on Sundays for our Divine Liturgy with Father Panagiotis.  Orthros begins at 9:30 am with the Divine Liturgy to follow at 10:30



Sunday, May 31st, was the first day of the church reopening. All other church activities including Coffee Hours, Sunday School, Greek Afternoon schools and Catechism class will not be held until further notice. Spring Greek Fest has also cancelled. Please see below for details about our reopening plan. Be well everyone!  

1. You will see certain pews closed off (every other one) please sit in only open pews.


3. If you wake up on Sunday morning and you or your kids don't feel well, I am asking you to stay home.

4. Masks must be worn in Church.  You may also wear a scarf or other appropriate covering.  

5. Communion will be given out as normal.  Please prepare yourself the same way you normally would to come to Holy Communion.  Prayer, fasting, and asking forgiveness from those you must before approaching the Chalice.

6. Antidoron (Holy Bread) after Holy Communion. If you receive Communion please know that you do not need to receive antidoron.  After Liturgy I will have the antidoron prepared in little individual bags for you and I will distribute it to only those who haven't received Holy Communion.  

6a. I know that many of our children expect andiron after Holy Communion so I will have a few pieces set aside on the small table on a tray for them.  Please leave this for the Children.

7. Parents please keep a close eye on your little ones.  If you need to take them to the Narthex to let them move around, please do that and then return to your seats.  There will be no lingering in groups in the Narthex.  The Narthex will have only one council member at the candle stand no one else.  I know that some of you often wind up in the narthex but right now that is not allowed.

8. Until this situation is fully resolved only the side door will be used --and it will be propped open so that you don't have to touch the door handle.  The heat or AC will be on as needed in the Church so that you will be kept comfortable.  Weather permitting the glass side doors will be opened so that you all may space out even further.  

9. Bathrooms.  As all of you know our bathrooms are in the hall.  Until such time as this distancing issue is resolved I would ask that only one person at a time use the bathroom.  This shouldn't be a problem as our congregation is small.

9.a. We will have Hand sanitizer in the Narthex, and you must wash your hands after using the restrooms.

10.  There will be no coffee hour or social gather after church for right now.  That will come in time.  No one will be allowed in the hall during liturgy --obviously except to use the restroom.  

11. One of our Parish Council (or a designated helper) members will be recording the names of those who are coming to Church.  This is so I can keep track of who attended what service and God forbid something happens I can contact those people if needed.  

12. After each service I will send a report to the Metropolitan on how things went and any suggestions all of you (those who attended the service) may have which can improve things.  

13. If it becomes too difficult to have the service in the Church proper, I will begin celebrating the liturgy in the Hall.  For the first Liturgy however, I want to celebrate inside our Church.

15. Only one or two chanters will be at the choir stand the full choir will not be singing until we open completely.

There will be other rules and regulations in place as we discover the need for them, or we discover that something isn't working.  Please ask the parish council members if questions arise and you can also discuss your concerns with me after the service.  

While this seems like a lot of rules for our community please realize that we are a small community and I believe that each of you is responsible and will have no problem helping us to implement these requirements.

For those that are not yet comfortable coming to church services because you have a pre-existing condition or out of an abundance of caution you have a blessing to stay home.  Please do not feel that you are doing something wrong by being cautious and staying home.  


January 1 - Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM) - St. Basil the Great (Vasilopita) - Friday

January 3 - Sunday Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM) - Community wide Vasilopita

January 5 - Royal Hours of Theophany (9:00AM) - Tuesday

January 5 - Vesperal Liturgy with blessing of Waters (6:00PM) - Theophany Eve, Tuesday

January 6 - Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy with Blessing of Waters (10:30AM) - Theophany, Wednesday

January 7 - Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM) - St. John the Baptist, Thursday

January 10 - Sunday Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM)

January 17 - Sunday Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM)

January 24 - Sunday Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM)

January 30 - Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM) - Three Holy Hierarchs (St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian, and St. John Chrysostom), Saturday

January 31 - Sunday Orthros (9:30AM) and Divine Liturgy (10:30AM)


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Saturday, January 30 9:30 am
Divine Liturgy - Three Holy Hierarchs (St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian, and St. John Chrysostom)
Saturday, January 30 10 am
Sunday, January 31 9:30 am
Divine Liturgy
Sunday, January 31 10:30 am
Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday, February 2 5:30 pm
Hellenic Centre Transfiguration Church 100 Perry Drive